I sometimes write to express my views on important policy debates or provide further guidance to my students and mentees. I will also include professional reports that are not subject to non-disclosure agreements here. For hot takes, follow me on social media.



How Storms and Severe Weather Events Affect Public Health and Local Economies Across the United States


Here, I identify the weather events most responsible for injuries, fatalities, and property damage in the United States.

A Model for Predicting Home Prices in Ames, Iowa.

I develop a model for predicting the selling price of a given house in Ames, Iowa.


The Populists are Right – How the Franc CFA Impoverishes Africa

A critical assessment of the CFA Franc, the French sponsored currency used by 14 countries in west and central Africa.

Its Time to Rebase Cameroon’s GDP

I draw on the trend set by several African countries to argue for a re-basing of Cameroon’s GDP.


Community Justice Teams Baseline Survey Report

This report documents baseline results from a survey conducted between April and May 2018 in the four beneficiary communities that form the core of the Community Justice Teams project in Liberia. A brief summary of the survey is reported here.